Internship Opportunity: Flutter Mobile App Developer

Are you a passionate Flutter developer looking to embark on a challenging and rewarding internship? CAMMOB, a leading mobile app development company in Cambodia, is seeking a talented and motivated Flutter Mobile App Developer Intern to join our team. About the...

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Job Opportunity for Android Developer

CAMMOB is looking for a talented and experienced Android developer to join our team. We are a fast-growing tech company that is developing innovative and cutting-edge mobile applications. We are looking for a developer who is passionate about Android development and...

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An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Galaxy Nexus

You have to hand it to Google. They know that I prefer Apple products and have been generally critical of many Google moves in the past couple of years. And yet, they’re unafraid to give me their newest products to test out. To be honest, I’m not sure Apple would do...

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Surprise! Microsoft Launches Xbox Live App For iPhone And iPad

Whoa. Here’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying this morning: Microsoft is killin’ it this week. In the past 48 hours, they’ve launched a massively overhauled interface for the Xbox 360, released a much improved Netflix 360 app, and debuted an app that lets you...

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

Here it is. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The new high watermark for Android phones, or it least that’s what Google intended. It runs the all new Android 4.0, “Ice Cream Sandwich”: is it a revolution, or is the Samsung Galaxy S2 still the real Android smartphone to beat?...

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Apple iPhone 4S: 7 disappointments

--TOI Tech iPhone 4S, Apple's first iPhone launch under the stewardship of new CEO Tim Cook recorded a three-day sales tally that doubled that of its predecessor iPhone 4. Together with iOS 5 and iCloud, Apple claims iPhone 4S is the best iPhone ever in terms of...

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Mobile web users face unlimited confusion over data caps

Networks have started capping data as they run out of capacity – but their policies are far from transparent for consumers. Demand for mobile web apps such as the BBC iPlayer is driving networks to withdraw their "unlimited" data deals. Photograph: Michael Whitaker In...

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