Whoa. Here’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying this morning: Microsoft is killin’ it this week.

In the past 48 hours, they’ve launched a massively overhauled interface for the Xbox 360, released a much improved Netflix 360 app, and debuted an app that lets you control your 360 from a Windows Phone 7 handset. And for their next move: they’ve just launched an Xbox Live application (fittingly dubbed “My Xbox Live”) for iOS.

Now, the app doesn’t seem to replicate the 360-controlling features of the WP7 app they launched this morning — that, understandably, seems to be a Windows Phone exclusive. It does, however, duplicate many of the Live-centric features that Windows Phone had at launch.

You can:

  • Change your 3D avatar’s appearance
  • Message your Xbox Live friends
  • View your achievements
  • Peruse Xbox news

While I’m sure more than a few Xbox-obsessed Windows Phone 7 handset owners will be a bit chaffed to lose mobile exclusivity on these features, the jump to iOS was pretty much inevitable. My favorite bit of the whole thing: the not-so-subtle nod to Windows Phone 7′s user interface down on the bottom bar of the iPhone app.

The app is universal, and thus custom tailored for both the iPhone and the iPad (and it’s really, reallydamn pretty on the iPad. Solid job, Microsoft.) You can find it in the App Store right here.

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Surprise! Microsoft Launches Xbox Live App For iPhone And iPad